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Status of Euclid University

On the 23rd of May 2011, Accredibase received a letter from Euclid University complaining that

Accredibase Report 2011

Euclid University stated in its correspondence that they are a "fully accredited degree-granting institution" and provided documentation that, according to them, confirmed this. Euclid gave Accredibase a working week to investigate the matter and change their status to "accredited".

As a result of this correspondence, Accredibase launched a lengthy and in-depth investigation into Euclid's recognition status and contacted relevant government agencies from around the world where Euclid claim to operate from. During this time Accredibase received several more communications from Euclid, presenting various documents and urging Accredibase to update their status. The documents presented by Euclid were closely examined and researched by Accredibase.

After seven months of research, Accredibase has produced the following report which details the status of Euclid University and the international utility of the degrees it provides.

Accredibase has provided a copy of this report to Euclid University and on 6th February 2012 they have sent this response.

Accredibase has also chosen to make available to the public the various documents which Euclid University provided in their correspondences. Accredibase would welcome feedback and additional information concerning Euclid from government agencies and organisations mentioned in these documents.

Based on its investigation and report, Accredibase has decided to maintain its original listing of Euclid University as an "unaccredited institution".

Download the full Accredibase Report on the Status of Euclid University and the International Utility of its Degrees here.

Download Euclid University's letters and documents as sent to Accredibase:

23rd May 2011 Letter from Euclid Requesting Accredibase to Change their Status. This letter included also the following documents:

  1. Statutory Declaration / Legal Summary from the Ambassador of the Comoros to the United Nations 
  2. Letter to the Attorney General of the State of Maine and reply from Maine DOE 
  3. Letter from the Minister of Education of Chad to Mr Contreras 
  4. Letter from Secretary General of the Central African Republic National Commission for UNESCO with IAU EUCLID University Filing  
  5. Euclid University Headquarters Agreement filed as Treaty with the United Nations    

12th July 2011 Letter from Euclid threatening with legal action.

21st October 2011 Letter from Euclid informing us that ODA has amended its listing of Euclid due to legal procedure initiated by EUCLID against ODA (Oregon).This letter included also the following documents:   

  1. Article of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on EUCLID 
  2. EUCLID Legal action documents against ODA    

24th October 2011 Email informing us that ""Euclid University" was not removed (contrary to our initial information) from the Oregon ODA list of yet, and our legal procedure is still pending. We will inform you of further developments."

26th October 2011 Letter Accredibase sent to Euclid requesting clarifications   

4th November 2011 Letter from Euclid responding to our letter from the 26th October 2011. The letter also included these additional documents:   

  1. Letter from The Office of the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic 
  2. Letter from The Government of Timor-Leste    

21st November 2011 Email from Euclid with additional information on "the Treaty registration certificates issued by the Legal Counsel of the United Nations".   


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